New Zealand Regional Tourism Information

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New Zealand Regions Map, New Zealand Regional Map

The internet is full of ‘helpful’ Information about New Zealand and her beautiful scenery, destinations, lifestyle and more… Unfortunately, this information is not always accurate or efficient. We have approached local authorities all over New Zealand, and they have provided us with their own authentic, authoritative, and official information.

That collated information is what we present here in our ‘New Zealand Regional Tourism Information Guide’ section of New Zealand Focus.

The team at New Zealand Focus are New Zealanders and Travellers alike. We have travelled New Zealand extensively, and like to think we know our country very well. If you have a question about Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Queenstown, Rotorua, Bay of Islands, or anywhere in-between, big or small, then ask us. If you cannot answer your question browsing these pages, we would be very happy for you to e-mail us your question, and we will send you a personal response.

The ** around some of the region names indicate that this is a popular tourist destination. We recommend booking well in advance for these destinations to avoid dissapointment.