New Zealand Immigration

These pages supply information to help you immigrate to New Zealand.

New Zealand Immigration is a complex topic. This information is collected from various sources and is merely the tip of the New Zealand immigration iceberg. Please use the links provided to Authority Websites so that you can be assured of the most current information suitable to your needs.

General Immigration Introduction 

A brief introduction to the possibility of New Zealand immigration. This is the place to start reading if you need to find out more of what is involved in New Zealand Immigration and includes information from the New Zealand Immigration Service.

Work in New Zealand 
A guide to the different types of New Zealand working opportunities. Permanent work, working holidays and temporary work are discussed in brief.

New Zealand Working Holiday
Many countries have a New Zealand Working Holiday scheme agreement with the New Zealand Government. Read about the possibilities here, and find more information about whether you are eligible to have a working holiday in New Zealand.

The entry point to our New Zealand jobs area. Find out about New Zealand jobs and discover agencies that can help you with your search

New Zealand Job Search 
We have carefully selected the best New Zealand Job Search agencies and made links to their sites in this section. These agencies are the first point of contact you should make in your New Zealand job search.