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The New Zealand Flag Design
As New Zealand debates the move to a new flag Greg Scowen felt it was time to offer an alternative perspective on the future symbol of our wonderful country. Combining a passion for New Zealand, a love for her people, and a little design skill, Greg has created the “Three Islands – One People” flag design as an alternative idea for New Zealand’s next flag. Greg has avoided using the silver fern in this design, feeling that the fern is too synonymous with sport to now be used to represent New Zealand as a whole. This design also uses a ratio of 2:3 rather than the 1:2 ratio of our current flag, for aesthetic reasons.

Three Islands – One People: A future flag design for New Zealand

Three Islands
New Zealand is a nation of three islands (not 2) and this has not been forgotten in the design of this flag. The blue area of the flag represents the North Island, where the Koru can be seen as a wave crashing down on the shores of the vibrant blue sea.

The Green area represents the South Island with its clean green image and stunning scenery. The Koru can be seen as a curled crozier (monkey’s tail) of a tree fern.

The smaller red segment of the flag represents Stewart Island. Maori design techniques have influenced the use of red alongside the black of the Koru.

One People
Although we are a nation of many cultures, we are also a nation of just one people, New Zealanders!
The intertwining Koru represents the cultures of New Zealand mixing together in a way that we can no longer see where one ends and the other begins. As the Koru winds its way amongst the island of New Zealand we can see that the major bond holding us together is our unity as a nation. Three Islands – One People.

The Designer
Greg Scowen was born in Nelson in 1976.
He is currently involved in the development of various New Zealand websites including New Zealand Focus, a fast growing tourism guide to New Zealand. Greg continues studies in Information Technology, Design, and Languages at Massey University while he works from home on his various design projects.

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