New Zealand Facts

New Zealand – Fast Facts

These pages supply information to help you plan your New Zealand holiday. While we try to keep this information up to date, some of these details change are subject to change through Government Legislation, without prior warning. Please use the links provided to Authority Websites so that you can be assured of the most current information suitable to your needs.

Customs & Immigration 
Information about the documentation required before you arrive in New Zealand, and what to expect on arrival and departure.

Financial Matters 
We let you know about banking services, travelers cheques, credit cards, currency exchange, tax, and other money related matters that may effect your stay.

Find out how New Zealanders speak. New Zealand is a country rich in confusing slang, but this dictionary will help you to discover what is really behind the words.

Medical & Emergency
Advice about what to do in an emergency, and information about New Zealand health services.

Public Services 
We cover services such as water and electricity supply, post, facsimile, and E-mail here.

New Zealand Culture 
From what to wear through to when public holidays (Bank Holidays) are celebrated. This section gives you a little insight into New Zealand culture.

Demographic Information
Geographical and Political information.