Dubai cuts profile as Mideast plastic surgery heart

Chaos in Syria and violence frequently spilling into Lebanon is driving away affluent Arab tourists where cosmopolitan Beirut was once the area’s best known city for going under the knife. Dubai plans to move up the record of top international destinations for medical tourism and already rates internationally after splashing out on medical infrastructure over the previous years.

Lebanon doesn’t rate among top nations for medical travel, but Beirut was once the highest spot for nips and tucks in the area, notably attracting on many celebs that are Arab.

Internationally, medical tourism is big business.

To cash in on the boom, Dubai has rolled out three-month renewable visas for their associates as well as medical tourists and found a campaign to brand itself as the Middle East’s top destination for plastic surgery and wellness.

Vasilica Baltateanu, who started up the United Arab Emirates’ first plastic surgery consultancy, Vasilica Aesthetics, said the glamor variable in Dubai is driving the tendency on the list of area ‘s well heeled tourists who prefer indulge in resorts, to shop and relax in opulent resorts.

Why? It is much safer in Dubai,” she said. “I believe they also select Dubai because there are the very best eateries here, the very best resorts. So you do an operation and at exactly the same instance you can get a good vacation.”

The World Travel & Tourism Council said in its yearly 2014 report the UAE was anticipated to bring 12.2 million international tourists this year, with Lebanon welcoming merely 1.3 million.

Silkor, a firm specialized in laser treatments, says instead of waiting for Gulf customers to come to Lebanon, where it’s started eight divisions since its founding 15 years ago it brought its business to Dubai. In significantly less than half that time, the business has plans to start two more and created six divisions in the UAE.

“Should you think about 20 years ago, nobody in the world discovered about Dubai. And now there’s not a man on the planet which has not learned about it,” said Toledo.

He saw patients from 73 different states last year. His new practice has a private wing for high-rolling clientele that is Arab.

Dubai has fast become home to one of the greatest saturations in the world’s of plastic surgeons.

“I believe maybe back home, it is more clinical. You’ve a consultation; you do not constantly see the surgeon after and before. “It is an enormous difference.”


Associated Press writer Razan Alzayani in Dubai, United Arab Emirates contributed to this report.

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